Fighting For What's Right In Employee Discrimination Cases

McKee Law, L.L.C., represents only employees in employment discrimination matters. We're never on the side of the employer; we only fight for workers who have been taken advantage of, discriminated against or otherwise harmed by their bosses' decisions.

While we only fight for employees, we have in-depth knowledge of both sides of employment law disputes. That experience gave him insight into the strategies that employers use to beat employment discrimination cases. He uses his insight to our clients' advantage now, helping them anticipate what their employers will say and do in litigation.

Handling Employee Discrimination Cases In Kansas And Missouri

Our firm handles employment discrimination cases in Johnson County and throughout the Kansas City metro area. Mr. McKee is licensed to practice law in both Kansas and Missouri. We handle a full range of claims, including those related to:

  • Age discrimination
  • Sexual harassment and gender discrimination
  • Race or national origin-based discrimination
  • FMLA and leave-based discrimination, including pregnancy discrimination
  • Disability discrimination (or perceived disability discrimination)
  • Retaliation

The Experience Necessary For Federal Court Claims

In Kansas, employment law matters are often tried in federal court. With strict and formal court procedures — and often higher stakes — federal court can be an intimidating place for attorneys and clients alike. That's one of the main reasons that only a handful of attorneys practice in our state's federal courts. Mr. McKee is one of them. He has extensive experience in litigation at the federal level and is comfortable protecting his clients' rights in federal courts. He does not hesitate to do whatever it takes within the bounds of the law to achieve the best possible results in federal employment law matters.

Let's Make The Wrongs Right

There are many ways that employers do wrong, but there is only one clear-cut way to remedy those wrongs: take matters to court. If you have been wronged by your employer, contact us to discuss your legal options with a lawyer. Call toll free at 800-510-9861 or 913-712-0535. You can also contact us online.